Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here for the Weekend

We interrupt the following broadcast to bring you breaking news: I stayed on campus on a Friday.

I know, I know, it only occurs once every blue moon, but I did. Given that I was here, I was not going to spend it in my dorm or the EE/CS building. Thankfully, my friend invited me to a music performance. I had initially mistaken it for the Lunar New Year performance, but it turned out be karaoke night sponsored by the Chinese Student Union. I'm pretty sure it's an Asian thing to like singing Karaoke. China is full of karaoke bars and karaoke is a Japanese word. So anyway, I freaked out a bit, thinking he forgot to mention this on purpose just to sign me up for the contest and see me sing. I do sing beautifully (cough, cough). My rendition of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day managed to be so loud that the sound of the running shower, the bathroom door, and the door to my dorm room could not drown it out. Instead, when I finished my voice lesson/shower, my roomate asked me if I liked Green Day. I was mortified.

Thankfully, I have a single room this year, so only I have to put up with my singing. I didn't have to sing on stage during Karaoke night either. There were however a hilarious rendition of 童话 (Fairytale) by 光良 (Michael Wong) by two guys. The performance of 今天請你嫁給我 (Please Marry Me Today) was brilliant as well. Sigh, I can't sing to save my life, but I can dance. On a side note, we learned how to dip the girl in ballroom class. I look like I am trying to lift a 50kg bag of flour......not good...... Plus, I nearly dropped a couple of girls......not good either......

Later, I went over to my friend's house to play some Xbox. I now have a blister on my left thumb to commemorate the night.

Saturday morning was hazy, as I was seriously sleep deprived. However, we made great progress with our senior design project. It's one small step for the servo and one giant leap for the UAV design team.