Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I used to think to myself......out of all the great Holidays, my birthday had to fall two days before Halloween. The night of monsters, "It" being played on TV, and Chucky the gleeful killer being its emblem. In fact, I remember one Halloween night, my parents were watching TV and I was just messing about in my room. Then suddenly they call me down to watch Child's Play. In their naivenss, they thought it was a children's program, and that a talking doll was cute. It was cute until it went on a rampage and started killing everyone.

Once I learned Halloween also entailed dressing up in a costume, my liking for it began to increase. Thus, my first year in America, I choose the most generic costume: a black cape (it was suppose to be Dracula's cape considering one side of it was blood red), a sleeping mask (courtesy of Northwest airlines, actually, all airlines provide this if you ever take a plane) with two eye holes cut out, a wooden sword pieced together using bits of wood found in field. So what does this make???? Any guesses????*

Once you have the costume, it's candy begging time. It's more effective if you have a little kid tag along with you. People tend to give little children more candy. Once they see you with a little child, they think of you as a caring older guardian (I was already 12 at the time).....if not, you could always steal the little kid's candy. The first year went great, and I got a ton of candy. Next year, puberty hit, and I was 5 ft 7. It's harder to blend then. I thought I was getting too old for candy now, but somehow, my parents and friends convinced me to go trick or treating one more time. Only this time, it wasn't around the neighborhood, but at the mall. Boy was that one of the most embarrassing events of my life. Not only did I tower over everyone else over there, the shop owners were giving me weird looks. I didn't have a little kid with me this time, so I got a lot less candy. The shop owners in the mall all had the same expression on their faces when I came up to them: Aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating?

By the end, my face was burning with embarrassment....thank goodness for the mask because my face would have looked like a red tomato underneath. Ahhhh....memories.....this still remains one of my favorites, and third most embarrassing event of my life. I bet you want to know what the first two don't ya???? I'll give you a hint.....one happened during 7th grade health class.....you can use your imagination from this point on......

I told my mom the cape was for Dracula but she insisted it was for Zorro....so I went out as Zorro....I did have the top hat too, so I guess it works

Monday, October 30, 2006

Deal to buy

As some of you know, my laptop decided to throw a fit on my birthday in celebration and to tell me it wasn't feeling like allowing me to write a lab report. Thus, it choose to appear dead by prompting the blue screen of doom. Desparate in need of new laptop, I decided to look for a new one.

Since my Inspiron 600m is a two year old model, it has already gone out of fashion. Thus, a likely replacement fell upon the Dell Inspiron E1405 Core. Not only is it much cheaper, it has a 160 GB memory, 2 GB of RAM along with a Windows Vista free upgrade. This is all compared to my current 40 GB of hard disk, 1 GB of RAM, and Windows XP. Sounds like a great deal right? I thought so to....

Just when I had set my eyes on E1405, my 600m came back from the dead. It must have heard me threatening it by throwing it out my dorm window. Just kidding.....I managed to run diagonistics on it before the blue screen of doom could appear. It showed there were some bad block of hard disk. Thus, I quarantined the bad blocks and it seems to be working fine as of right now. I think the cause of that was the bad dell battery that came with my laptop. I actually had the battery recalled. Anyone out there should go check www.dellbatteryprogram.com to check if your battery is overheating. During the Minnesota winter, a laptop should not be overheating.....I should have figured this out. Anyway, as a preventive measure, I have now been setting my laptop upon a notebook. This way, the fan won't be blocked and hopefully my hard disk won't get fried anymore. Who knows? If the blue screen doom ever comes back I will be definitely getting the E1405. Until then.....

Two of my favorite things

Pixar and Tennis

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy birthday to Me (Not!)

It's the 29th, and I'm officially 20. And what do I get as a birthday present? My labtop chose to die today, and the computer at which I am typing this very moment experiences moments of unconciousness as well. The screen would randomly become white for no apparent reason, even when we just replaced the hard drive. I don't get it, two computers acting up at the same time??? Arrrrghhh, this is not what I need....especially when I have a lab report to write!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Classic

It's been another busy week: three homework assignments plus 11 hours spent in lab trying to figure out why I keep getting negative capacitances. The thing with lab is that if everything runs smoothly, it can be finished during lab hours. More often than not, something inexplicable happens and your results are so convincing that you've just proved Newton wrong. But life goes on, despite the obstacles.

I did manage to watch a movie in between all the madness. It's a Korean movie called The Classic. The funniest thing is that I totally misunderstood the movie the first time around. Here's a brief summary of the plot:

Ji-hae and Soo-kyoung are friends attending the same university and both have a crush on Sang-min who is in their drama club. The more clamorous and outgoing of the two, Soo-kyoung, asks Ji-hae to do her a favor - write a love letter to Sang-min. Ji-hae pours out her own feelings for him on paper, but sadly in her friend's name. Touched by the letter, Sang-min is attracted to Soo-kyoung, and Ji-hae, feeling uncomfortable and even guilty, tries to avoid him. And yet by coincidence or by fate she keeps running into him. Ji-hae has lived alone with her mom since her childhood, when her dad unexpectedly passed away. Her mom is now on a trip abroad, and to wile away her solitude she starts cleaning the attic. There Ji-hae finds a secret box, in which her mom (Joo-hee) kept the memorabilia of her first love story of some decades past.

Summer in 1968... Joon-ha is visiting his uncle's home in the countryside during his summer vacation. There he meets Joo-hee and falls in love at first sight. One day, the lovely Joo-hee secretly asks Joon-ha to escort her to a haunted house in the village. Happy and excited to be at her service, Joon-ha meets her at their promised spot. But in an unexpected storm, the two lose their boat and barely manage to return home at a very late hour. Joo-hee gets into big trouble for this incident and is sent back to Seoul. Having parted with Joo-hee without a word of farewell, Joon-ha spends the rest of the summer heavy-hearted. With summer vacation being over Joon-ha also returns to Seoul. At school, his classmate Tae-su asks him to write a love letter to send to a girl. And who would it be but Joo-hee, Joon-ha's dream girl. Unable to confess his own summer love story, Joon-ha reluctantly complies with his friend's request.......

I won't totally spoil the movie in case anyone wants to watch it. But I will say this: The mother (Joo-hee) and daughter (Ji-hae) are played by the same actress. For some reason or another, I missed out on that important detail and that the flashback was of the same person Thus, I spent the whole movie confused. I thought Joo-hee and Ji-hae were the same person, and that she was in love with two guys at the same time. Thus, even though Joon-ha was pouring his heart out to Joo-hee and she seemed to love as well, she suddenly falls for Sang-min. At that point, I was totally flabbergasted. Since when did cheesy romance movies incorporate a plot twist like M.Night Shyamalan's movies? It didn't....the moral of this story? Pay attention to the English subtitles.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Professional

It has been a most arduous week. Two midterms, homework, coupled with sleep depravation = life of a college student. Thankfully it's on hiatus for now....but it will be back in a month or so. In the meantime, I've got some updating to do! After the midterm on Thursday, my brain had finally put up the stop sign, and refused to be tempted into doing anything. Thus, I decided to watch a movie. Having a wide selection to choose from, I settled on Leon (The Professional) which starred Jean Reno, Gary Oldman (who plays Sirius Black in Harry Potter), and Natalie Portman. For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of Natalie Portman. I've seen her in Where The Heart Is, Anywhere But Here, Garden State, V for Vendetta, and Closer (although I kind of skipped out on the movie right where Natalie started to dance). The Professional was the first film she ever starred in, at the tender age of 11. She plays the female protagonist whose family gets killed by a corrupt policeman (Gary Oldman). Her neighbor (Jean Reno) is a hitman, and young Natalie falls in love with him. She becomes a novice hitman herself, under the tutelage of Jean Reno. At 11 years old, Portman plays a sexually provocative girl who has nothing to lose. I was very impressed by her performance. To portray a character that is very unlike herself is an astonishing achievement. What was also very impressionable was the fact that her crying scenes were very believable, which I think is a sign of a good actress. For those of you who haven't seen it, I provide this sneak preview. I think its a good enough movie to watch even if you're not a fan of Natalie Portman.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


These two goof balls are actually quite famous in China and on the internet. They do some of the funniest lip sync! Dadada is the official 2006 World Cup Pepsi anthem, hence the football attire. I love watching them when I need a bit of silliness in my life. So put a bit of silliness into your life too!

P.S Their lip sync of "A Public Affair" has even been recognized by Jessica Simpson herself on her official site! I'm in talks with these guys to let me on too. They need a third singer, and I'll be a perfect fit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I've compiled a list of films that I will watch in due time, but I am also looking for suggestions of good films you think I should watch that not on my list. I will, however, disclaim that I am not a fan of horror movies. I have screamed while watching The Sixth Sense with three other friends in my dorm room(it was quite embarrassing).....I don't care to repeat the experience. Other than that, people who reads my blog basically knows my nature....so suggest accordingly. I eagerly await your comments.

My List of Films

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The results are in

Hem, hem, hem, the WOMBAT scores are in. As a muggle born wizard, I'm very pleased with my magical achievements. Now only if this would translate over to my muggle studies of Microelectronics (I've a midterm on Oct 9th). Maybe I can transfer to Hogwarts instead.

Here's just a run-down of what the WOMBAT is:

The W.O.M.B.A.T.s, unlike the O.W.L.s, consist exclusively of written papers.Therefore W.O.M.B.A.T.s could be sat by Muggles as well as wizards, although the Wizarding Examinations Authority does not believe that any Muggle would have the degree of inner knowledge required to achieve a pass.

The Grade 1 W.O.M.B.A.T. tests whether the sitter would be able to exist safely and
effectively within the magical world. Would you fall foul of Magical Law? Would you know what to befriend/ avoid in the magical Natural World? Could you use Everyday Magic to look after yourself and your family? And would you know how to transport yourself within the world of wizards?

This is not a straightforward Harry Potter trivia test. While a thorough knowledge of the books is essential to achieving a good grade at W.O.M.B.A.T., you will need
inspiration as well as information, applying what you know, whether by deducing the
correct answer or by making intelligent guesses.

For those who have no idea as to what I'm blabbering about, I suggest you reference Harry Potter for the word "muggle" or "O.W.Ls" and visit J.K. Rowling's website for complete details. For those first time visitors to J.K. Rowling's site, I suggest you wisely refer to HP-Lexicon's guide to Jo's site.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People Are Like Books

The cover is like a first impression. Does it seem intriguing? Would you want to know more? Maybe you'll pick it up and glance over it. If it leaves an impression, you'll go back and read it more carefully. The first read through you try to understand the general plot. The second time you read through it, you begin to pick up minute details that escaped your attention the first time. These details might either affirm your initial opinion of it or stir up feelings of dislike. Sometimes you might get lost in the moment and think the story is wonderful. Yet from another reader's point of view, he/she might see things you have missed. Often we disregard second opinions because how can we be wrong when we're all reading the same book? Yet, sometimes, a different opinion can open your mind, to see things you might have missed. Then you revisit the work, and put yourself in a different perspective and read between the lines. Perhaps then you will come away with a new understanding of the plot, of the character, of yourself. Some things aren't explicitly spelled out, but the essence is all there, no matter how deeply embedded amongst the words. I want to become a better reader for I have misjudged so many books.

Boku Wa kuma

I am a Bear

This is the newest single from Utada Hikaru(宇多田光). She wrote it specifically for a Japanese children's program.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Welcome to Chatsworth-Pemberley

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