Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bath and Body Works & A Random Rant

So it's another Saturday this winter break and I find myself at MOA once again. It seems to be always packed with people even after the holiday shopping season. I guess it must be all those after Xmas sales. Anyway, it's usually window shopping for me at MOA, although I did go see a movie while my parents were at an Alaska travel convention sponsored by a cruise company. While they sat around for two hours listening to the wonders of Alaska, I spent an enjoyable afternoon watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I think I still like the first one better because there was a lot more deciphering clues in the first one, while this one seemed to rely more on just stunts. Anyway, I felt it was a $7 well spent, especially after the diastrous viewing of The Golden Compass. I've just finished re-reading the book, and am now greatly dismayed and worried about how they will film the other two and a half books. The director left out an entire plotline from the first book, while the actress playing Lyra managed just one expression the whole movie: looking pissed off. The scene where Lyra rides the polar bear Iorek was directly copied from a coca cola commercial.

After the movie, I window shopped. Somehow I wandered into Bath and Body Works. The first thing to hit me was the blend of intoxicating smells that attacked my nostrils. Bottle after bottle of creams and lotion that say things like "white tea and ginger extract" are plastered over bottles to attract buyers. Then I had to wonder, when was the last time your skin needed such things as herbal tea and ginger? I don't know when my skin became so bourgeois but I certainly don't have time to sit around and sip herbal tea while rubbing ginger over my hands. A girl tried a few different kinds of lotions before settling on a bottle that smelled like peony. Now, a word to the wise, the boyfriend should step in and take a whiff. Most guys probably could care less what kind of lotion their girl is using, but trust me, when you sleep with your girlfriend who rubs herself all over with that stuff, you better like the smell for it lasts a long time. Talk about stinking up the room. The smells permeates the room and into the sheets, and soon enough, the boyfriend probably feels like he's being gassed to death.

Random Rant:

Britney Spears needs to go away. I was at the gym and every TV channel was talking about the psychological issues of Britney Spears. Seriously, how many degrees does a person need to know she's insane, especially after shaving her head while lip-syncing at an awards show like someone who had been sniffing turpentine while still trying to wobble like jello? Why is this even so news worthy to denote CNN entirely to such a story? I suppose issues like the dollar falling faster than a bullet train, or global warming causing weather havoc in the West coast is all insignificant compared to the issues of the Spears family. I'm laughing my ass off when publicists says how supportive the mother has been. Wow, who wouldn't want a mom who raises an mentally unstable daughter and another who gets knocked up at 16? The mom defends her younger daughter by saying that she such a good child and never misses a curfew. Uhhhh, maybe your daughter had sex before curfew?

I also want a new blogger address. Any suggestions? I have one I like but it's at Maybe I'll start using that one instead?

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