Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

The line was long. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts as they waited to be received at the UPS store counter. An elder lady had a letter in her hand. It looked liked a Christmas card. However, the stamp was crossed out with a marker. On the envelope someone wrote 17 cents more. A young man was waiting behind her to buy a single stamp to send his hand-written letter. Finally, the lady got to the store counter. She explained her situation to the cashier and counted out 17 cents. Little did she realize that her original stamp had been marked invalid. Thus, she had to pay for the original stamp as well as the additional 17 cents. She became distraught as she didn't have enough change. The young man behind her opened his wallet and offered her a quarter. She thanked him and promised to place a quarter in the change box at the counter next time. It is good to spread the kindness.

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